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Frequently Asked Questions

What is assisted living?

Assisted living is provided in a community setting whereby residents may receive assistance with personal care, medication management, medical oversight and coordination. The services provided are customized to each individuals needs.

What is assisted living not?

It does not refer to the skilled nursing care that chronically ill or frail seniors would receive at a nursing home.

What kind of assistance is available at Brentwood By The Bay?

Nurses, Medication Aides and Nursing Assistants are on staff and available 24/7 to meet your needs.

What kind of medical care is available?

All care and services are provided as directed by each persons' physician. Additional services such as therapy may be provided by community based agencies. Physician specialists visit regularly. The nursing staff provides coordination of care and assists with making arrangements for your needs.

What accommodation styles are available?

We have studio accommodations in three styles, staterooms and 1-bedroom units. All are private.

Can I use my own furniture and other furnishings?

Yes. As with any apartment-style living arrangement, your accommodations are yours to furnish as you wish. And, you can have the walls painted the color you wish.

Can friends and family visit?

Absolutely! Apartment living at Brentwood By The Bay is no different than renting any apartment. This is your new home. Guests are free to visit as you please.

What happens if my health needs change?

Brentwood By The Bay is next door to Brentwood Nursing Home and Rehabilitation, which offers skilled nursing care and physical rehabilitation services. So our residents have a full continuum of care available should their needs change. Residents of both facilities are given preference for admission if they wish to transfer to either facility.